1.0 Introduction

1.1 As per MPD – 2001 notified on 1.08.90, the National Capital Territory of Delhi has been divided into fifteen zones (Divisions), eight in Urban Delhi (A to II), six in Urban Extension and rural areas (J to N & P) and one Zone ‘O’ (River Yamuna and River Bed Area) which falls under the land use category of A -1 (Agricultural and Water Body) as per MPD -2001 Land Use Plan.

1.2 The Zonal Development Plan for River Yamuna Area (Zone ‘O’ and part of Zone ‘P’) has to be different from that of the other zones due to its characteristics.

1.3 Based on Various studies conducted so far, the Zonal Development Plan of Zone ‘O’ and part ‘P’ is conceived primarily as a policy document, setting strategies for the formulation of action plans for eco-friendly development in the city.

2.0 Statutory provisions and objectives

2.1 The Zonal (divisional) Plan of the area is prepared under section – 8 to be processed under section -10 of the Delhi Development Act, 1957.

2.2 MPD – 2001 states that in the absence of a Zonal Plan of any area the development shall be in accordance with the Master Plan.

2.3 Section 8 of the Delhi Development Act also defines the contents of the Zonal Plan. As per the MPD – 2001, a Zonal Development Plan means a Plan for one of the zones (divisions) of the Union Territory of Delhi containing detailed information regarding provisions of social infrastructure, parks and open spaces and circulation system. The Zonal (divisional) plan, details out the policies of the Master Plan.

2.4 MPD – 2001 further states that

a) A zone could be divided into sub–zones by the Authority.
b) The Zonal (Divisional) plans shall detail out the policies of the Master Plan, and act as a link between the layout plans and the Master Plan.
c) The development schemes, layout plans indicating use premises shall conform to the Master Plan / Zonal (Divisional) plans.

2.5 As per MPD – 2001 this Zonal Development Plan for River Yamuna area is for part of Zone ‘P’ (North of Wazirabad Road) up to the Northern boundary of National Capital Territory of Delhi) and Zone ‘O’, south of Wazirabad Road up to the Southern boundary of the National Capital Territory of Delhi.

2.6 The area under reference bears special characteristics in terms of being an eco-sensitive area, consisting natural feature with large stretches of land between watercourse and existing bund on the sides of river Yamuna. The whole expanse of these stretches are not to be used for development, therefore need to be taken up of Section 8 of the DDA Act, but once approved in principal will act as a policy framework for formulating action/area plans leading to eco-friendly development.

3.0 Location Boundaries and Area

3.1 River Yamuna enters from Palla traverses through Union Territory of Delhi and leave it at Jaitpur in the Southside.

3.2 River Yamuna is bounded as under :

– North: NCTD Boundary
– South: NCTD Boundary
– East: Marginal Bund and NCTD Boundary
– West: Marginal Bund, Ring Road and proposed NH-2 along Agra canal.

3.3 The total area of river Zone is about 9700 Ha:-

i) Part of Zone ‘O’ – 6100 Ha.
(Area south of Wazirabad Barrage)

ii) Part of Zone ‘P’ – 3600 Ha.
(Area north of Wazirabad Barrage)

Total – 9700 Ha.

Out of the total area of 9700 Ha. Approximately 1600 Ha. of land is under water and 8100 Ha. is under dry land.

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