I/we undertake to pay to Society, the full land cost after acceptance of the registration form per the Payment Plan provided and chosen by me. I/we understand that this amount is non-refundable and non-interest bearing. I/we hereby agree and confirm that the payment made to the society by me/us with this application as full Land Cost shall stand forfeited if I/we am/are not able to pay the balance land cost in the scheduled time and if I/we fail to abide by any terms and conditions in this Application. I/we also agree to pay the Stamp Duty, Registration Charges, Service Tax, Construction Cost, EDC, IDC, CLU, PLC, Car Parking, IFMS, Electricity/Water Connection Charges, Licensing charges and all the other charges/taxes/dues as demanded by the Society from time to time in future.

I/We have also read and understood the Delhi Master Plan 2021 and proposed Land Pooling Policy of DDA and I/we am/are fully aware of the consequences of any delay/changes in proposed land pooling policy of DDA and /or any court ruling against MPD-2021 of Delhi and/or due to any other unforeseen reasons/circumstances.

I/ We declare that I/we am/are neither a member of another Welfare or Group Housing Society in Delhi nor intend to become a member. In case I/we become a member of another society, I/ We understand that we will be expelled out of Society as this would imply to work contrary to the interest of Society.In such cases, Governing body has sole discretion on refund of deposited amount as the membership will be cancelled even if NoC for transfer of membership is desired to be taken by the member.

I/We are making this Application with full Knowledge that the land is identified by the Society and the payment is to be made accordingly. in case of late payment may be subject to interest @ Rs. 100 per day. However, if a payment is delayed for more than 30 days as per the payment plan, the membership automatically stands canceled and revised Land pooling amount as per Land cost prevalent would be applicable.

I/We have clearly understood that the Society reserves the right to increase or decrease the number of flats and/or area of flats of its discretion as and when considered necessary in the best interest of the project/scheme and as per the provisions of proposed/final land pooling policy of DDA or due to any other unforeseen reason/circumstances. I/We shall have no objection to that.

I/We have clearly understood that the application does not constitute offer of allotment and I/we do not become entitled to the Provisional and/or final allotment of DU/residential flat notwithstanding the fact that society may have issued a receipt in acknowledgment of the money tendered with the application, it is only after encashment of money, payment of full land cost, stamp duty registration charges, construction cost, other liabilities/dues and that I/we sign and accept the terms and conditions of allotment letters as and when issued by the society, thereby agreeing to abide by the terms and conditions laid down there in that the allotment shall become final.

It is made clear to me/us and understood by me/us that after receipt of money from me/us and from other applicants/members, the Society will start making payment for land already identified. Therefore I/we request hereby irrevocably authorize the Governing body of the Society through its President to enter into any agreement/tie-up with any individual/company to purchase the land on my/our/society’s behalf and also my/our unconditional consent for development of the proposed housing project scheme directly or through any company/developer/contractor. I/We further request and give my/our unconditional consent and irrevocably authorize the society through its President to pool, collaborate, joint venture, merger, operation and management or any other mode with the third party(ies)/any other party(ies), the land in whole or in parts on my/our/society’s behalf including transfer of ownership of the schemes or land in whole or in parts as per the proposed/final Land pooling policy of DDA/MPD 2021 of Delhi or otherwise to government, DDA any other authority, body, any person, institution, builder, society, trust and/or any local body(ies) which the governing body of the society may deem fit in the best interest of project/scheme and achieve aims and objects of the Society.

It is made clear by the society and agreed by me/usu that all the rights including the ownership thereof land facilities and amenities, subject to sanction of additional FAR and/or EWS housing and/or commercial space and/or any Institutional space and/or any other space, if any, shall vest solely with the society shall have sole and absolute authority and discretion to deal in any manner with such land(s), facilities and amenities including but not limited to creation of further rights in favor of any other party by way of sale, transfer, lease, collaboration, joint venture, pooling, operation or management or any other mode including transfer as per proposed and pooling policy of DDA/MPD 2021 of Delhi or otherwise to government DDA, any other authority, body any person institution, builder, society, trust and/or any local body(ies) which the society may deem fit to achieve aims and objectives of the Society. I/We have clearly understood that maintenance of the flat shall be exclusively handled by the Society or any agencies nominated by the Society for maintenance higher standards.

The contributions towards the maintenance/deposit shall have to be made in time by all the applicants. I/We have clearly understood that in case the required number of members do not come up or become interested in the proposed scheme or otherwise, in order to implement the project, then the society, through its President, shall approach the other institution, builder, society, trust, and any other third party(is) or for pooling of land to achieve the minimum land required for development for the housing complex as per norms of the land pooling policy of DDA. However if the society does not find any suitable party for the pooling of the land for not suitable to and/or in a position to develop the project/scheme due to change in DDA policy(ies) and/or any court ruling against MPD-2021 of Delhi and/or due to any other unforeseen reasons/circumstances rendering the proposed project non feasible, then the society shall the abandon this scheme with the consent of majority of member/applicants of the scheme and return the money by selling the land after deducting the expenses, if any, in proportion to the member’s/applicant’s contribution. No interest charges will be paid to the member.

It is made clear to me/us and understood by me/us that the scheme is subject to force-majeure clause which inter-alia include delay on account of non availability of steel and/or cement or other building materials or water supply or electric power or slow down strike or due to a dispute with the construction agency employed by the society, Government Authorities or civil commotion or by reason of war or enemy or enemy action or terrorist action or earthquake or any other unforeseen reason or Act of God and of any non delivery is beyond the control of society and in any of the foresaid events, the Society shall be entitled to a reasonable extension of time for delivery of possession of the said premises, depending upon the then contingency/prevailing circumstances. The society as result of such a contingency arising thereto reserves, the right to alter or a vary the terms and conditions of the membership/allotment or if the circumstances beyond the control of the society so warrant of society may suspend the scheme for such period as it may consider Expedient and/or provided that no compensation of any nature whatsoever can be claimed by the Applicants(s)/ intending member(s) for the period of suspension of the scheme. In consequences of the society abandoning the scheme, the society’s liabilities shall be limited to refund the amount in proportion to the member contribution’s by way of selling the land so purchased for the scheme and/or the whole and/or part of the project of the society and the Applicants/intending  member(s) shall l have no objection to that. I/We agree and undertake to abide by the terms and conditions applicants/EOI/ allotment letter and when issued and the rules and bye-laws of the society. My/our particulars as mentioned in this form and Membership Application form may be recorded for reference, record, and communication.



I/We fully read and understand the above-mentioned terms and conditions and agree to abide by the same. I/We understand that the terms and conditions given above are of indicative nature with a view to acquaint me/us with the terms and conditions comprehensively set out in Allotment letter, when issued, which shall super cede the terms and conditions set out in this application. The terms and conditions of the present Application form shall continue to be in operation and shall be binding upon the Applicant(s)/intending member(s) till the final allotment letter to be issued. I/We are fully conscious that it is not incumbent on the part of the society to send us reminders/notices in respect of our obligations as set out in this application as per payment plan/ schedule and/or Allotment letter and I/we shall be fully liable for any consequences in respect of defaults committed by me/us in not abiding by the terms and conditions contained n this application and/or Allotment letter. I/We have sought detailed explanations and clarifications from the society and the society has readily provided such explanations and clarifications and after giving careful consideration to all facts, terms & conditions, calculation of super area method representation made by the Society. I/We have now signed this Application form and amount thereof fully conscious of my liabilities and obligations including forfeiture of earnest money, levy of interest penal charges as may be imposed upon me. I/We further undertake and assure the society that in the event of cancellation of my/our allotment either of way forfeiture of refund of my/our amount or in any manner, whatsoever including but not limited to as set out in the terms and conditions provided in this application. I/We shall be left with no right, title, interest or lien on the DU/residential flat applied for and provisionally and/or finally allotted to me/us in any manner whatsoever.

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