Officers International School, we recognize the imperative of imparting an educational experience that is world-class in every respect and which prepares children for global citizenship. We are a school with an Indian mind, an Indian heart, and an Indian soul; a school that celebrates the culture of excellence and is an embodiment of values. We believe that a curriculum of excellence with a global dimension is central to the education of children to face the challenges of the 21st century with confidence and strength of character.

Our Mission:
The School’s mission is to provide a learning environment that encourages children to bring out the best in themselves and enables their all-round development through the joy of learning, enduring values, and the celebration of diversity.

Our Motto:
Dare to Dream… Learn to Excel

Our Values and Attributes
Our values and attributes which align with our guiding statements are integral to creating a school culture and climate to realize our educational goals.
• Cleanliness

• Compassion

• Commitment

• Determination

• Honesty

• Integrity

• Perseverance

• Respect

• Responsibility

• Self-Discipline

• Teamwork

• Trust

What makes GIS truly distinctive?
Celebrates a culture of excellence in academics and the all-round development of children

  1. Individualized attention to each child to cater to their diverse learning needs
  2. Talented, experienced and dedicated teachers with linguistic and cultural diversity
  3. Inclusive education, with a committed team of student care professionals
  4. Offers an integrated curriculum from 1 to Class VII, drawing upon the best of national and international
  5. Outstanding academic results, sports, and co-curricular achievements
  6. Placement of our students at the world&’s top universities
  7. Wide range and depth of community service programmes, starting from Class III
  8. Upholds Indian culture and values, whilst fostering global citizenship
  9. A safe and secure learning environment, with a focus on student well-being
  10. The only existing school in India to be awarded the Platinum rated Green Building Certification by the Indian Green Building Council
  11. High-quality student leadership opportunities including exposure to leaders, innovators, and iconic personalities from all walks


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