Dear Friends,

Congratulation on dda’s land submission call persuant to land pooling policy notification by ministry of housing & urban affairs on 11th oct 2018 & dda notification dated 24th oct 2018 on regulations for operationalisation of land pooling policy.

Purchasing a house in delhi had become a distant dream owing to high land cost and unavailability of land with dda for allotment to group housing societies as had been done earlier in patparganj, rohini and dwarka around 1980s. The opportunity has now come by way of dda’s land pooling policy (lpp) under delhi master plan, 2021 to de-congest the national capital region and facilitate it with all modern amenities on the concept of “smart cities”.

As per the policy, delhi has been divided into 15 zones and all the left out land of around 22,000 hectares in delhi has to be converted into residential zone, most prominent of which is l-zone comprising around 10,000 hectares of land (25,000 acres) in view of it’s being adjacent to dwarka, gurgaon and igi airport, where dda has already constructed urban extension road (uer-ii) and planned diplomatic enclave, aiims, international golf club etc. Hundreds of developers, builders and societies have already acquired the land in the area as the land rates are expected to be doubled within a year, the moment dda starts developing the sectors. If we go by the history of dwarka since its development, in every 7 to 10 years, the price of the flats have been doubled and presently the rates are roughly rs. 10,000 per sq. Ft. For a normal flat. Going by the same analyses, the projected price of the flats in this area would be around rs. 16,000 per sq. Ft. By the time this project is complete. So an investment of roughly rs. 5,000 per sq.ft. In 5 years’ time is expected to be 3 times.

Encouraged by this welcoming development, the group a officers of the central government ministries formed central secretariat services officers society (cssos) under societies registration act xxi, 1860 ( regn. No. S-e/784). The society comprises of the officers from various ministries/ departments including home, finance, civil aviation, delhi metro and urban development, who are responsible for drafting the lpp and its execution through dda.

The society has already entered into agreements for land aggregation and procurement in l-zone and launched their project “cssos officers enclave” to provide high-quality dwellings with competitive prices only for its members and the membership is open only for central/ state govt., public sector undertaking, and bank employees as well as 20% of select professionals. This project will be unique in terms of its amenities/ facilities, which can boast of not just an elite address but elite neighborhood also.

Executive body feels gratitude to all its members for their overwhelming response which has made us complete requisite membership for officers enclave i and ii and iii (on the verge of completion). The society has not only registered following land in their/ facilitators name but also SUBMITTED THE SAME WITH DDA FOR DEVELOPMENT.

Village Area Khasra
Samaspur khalsa 229 Bighas
and 2.5 Biswas
13// 18/2(0-12), 19/1(2-0), 22/3(0-18), 23(4-16), 24/1(0-09), 25/3(0-10); 14// 21/1(0-02);
17// 1/1(1-10), 10/4(0-07), 19/2(3-12); 18// 2/3(0-18), 3(4-16), 4/1(0-18), 5/2(1-09),
6/1(0-13), 7/2(0-03), 8/1(0-12),9/1(0-02); 19// 19/1/2(min2)(2-13); 21//21/1(2-16);
22// 25/2(1-11); 37// 22/2(3-10), 23/1(2-03); 43// 2(min1)(3-06),9(min1)(3-15),
12(min1)(3-16), 19(min1)(3-16); 38// 10/2(2-13), 20(4-16), 21/1(2-10), 21/2(2-06),
11(4-16); 39// 6(4-16), 15(4-16), 16(4-16), 25(4-16); 43// 24(4-16), 22(4-16), 23(4-16),
55// 1/2 (3-13), 8(4-16), 26(0-04), 6(4-16), 7(4-12), 16/2(1-05), 2(4-16),13(2-06), 9(4-0),
14(5-06), 15/1(2-00), 15/2/1(2-04),3(4-16), 4(4-16), 5(4-16)
Ujwa 18 Bighas and
15 Biswas
19//6/2(3-4), 15(4-3), 74//1/1(1-2), 75//4/2(3-8), 7/2(2-16), 88//59(4-2

Unlike builders, cssos  being a not- for-profit society with working group “a” officers” from ministries/ departments in governing body, you can rest assured of integrity, credibility and responsibility which you can never have with any builder. You can become a member online at or you can visit our sales/ site office.

Don’t be lured by false promises and cheaper rates by private societies/developers who may collect your hard earned money and cheat you later like any ponzi scheme.

The members will have exclusive rights to the premium membership of cssos officers clu within the enclave. The society is launching officer’s clubs on the lines of “gymkhana” and schools for their children like “sanskriti”.