Owning Franchise Business in India is among the most profitable businesses these days. Apart from being a social activist & ex-bureaucrat, I have been working in the real estate sector for over a decade & I can assure you that property yields the best returns. However, not anyone can run an Indian franchisee business, only risk-lovers with the skills to run the business can survive in this industry. Therefore, here are some guidelines to run the best franchise business in India in 2021. 

The most important thing one should understand is ‘what is a franchise business meaning’. In a franchise, one business (called the franchisee) pays another (the franchisor) to use the franchisor’s business model and trademarks. The franchisor offers various kinds of assistance to the franchisee, such as training, branding, management, and advertising, etc.

There’s a cliché that buying a franchise lets you work for yourself, but not by yourself. You are the boss in a franchise, but the franchisor provides you with a ready-made template for your new business to follow. Using that template simplifies the process of starting and growing your franchise organisations. Buying a franchise will help to achieve your dream of business ownership success, however, it is not a cakewalk. 

Here are the key tips to consider before buying a franchise: 

  1. Market Research & Analysis: The first step before purchasing a franchise company is conducting an initial analysis & market research. Get info concerning different franchise opportunities available in your location. Moreover, it’s necessary to seek the correct business franchise that suits your budget, qualifications, and private interest. Furthermore, analysis concerning the franchise needs to make sure that you have verified and correct information. Moreover, you may search for online franchise businesses in India such as www.cssos.org to search out the best franchise organisations in India that suit your needs.
  2. FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document): Your FDD should be prepared to comply with federal and state-specific franchise laws and should be specific to your business and the franchise that you are offering. 
  3. Initial Investment Cost: Before you can get your operation going, you’ll need to have enough initial investment as well as an overall net worth before even considering starting a franchise brand. Unless you’re independently wealthy, you may have to either take loans or raise funds. Start with commercial banks since they fund many types of franchises.  
  4. Eligibility for a Franchisee: To ensure that all the franchisees are eligible in terms of financing and professional experience, franchisors set minimum qualification requirements. Therefore, there are few requirements that are often taken into consideration such as Credit score, Net Worth, Cash in Hand, Management Experience, Industry Experience, income stability, etc.   
  5. Business Planning: Prior to preparing franchise business ideas, go over all the information you’ve been offered from the prospective franchisor, in addition to your own analysis. Your organisation plan should incorporate all types of details, for example, estimated costs, other than projected returns. Above all, be certain your strategy is elegantly composed in light of the fact that this can have an effect on whether a loaning organisation supports your credit. 
  6. Contact Existing Franchisees: The best way to get information about any franchise is to visit the existing franchise branches. Contact them and clear all the queries you have about the franchisor business. This is the best source to get to know about their lives as franchisees and evaluating how well a franchisor supports them.

Once you have followed the above steps, it’s time to make your final decision. With mutual terms & conditions, both parties should sign the franchise business agreement and meet the heads and key executives who will work with you as a franchisee. Congratulations! You’re now into a franchise business. 

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