You’re just at the right place. Central Secretariat Services Officers Society (CSSOS) is a non-profit welfare group that solely works towards the aim of delivering premium qualities at affordable rates. CSS Society offers small business investments with highest profitability.

The society has been formed by working and former Government Officers after taking an NoC from Deptt of Personnel & Training in view of CSS officers involved in the Executive Body. We strive to excel in every sector mainly Franchise opportunities in India by adding value for our clients wherever possible with complete assistance. Therefore, if you’re seeking business investment ideas, CSSOS members will guide you.

ARPL in association with CSSOS works relentlessly to ensure credible solutions to Govt officers (its members) for their residential, educational, medical and other investment needs without trapping into builder’s/ developer’s nexus providing high quality facilitation services at budget.

Unlike other government societies, CSSOS we don’t offer our services to make profits but to ensure a happy and comfortable lifestyle for our government sector employees and their families within their budget. Hence, we are the ultimate point of reference for the Indian investors.

CSS Society has established 4 major projects in Delhi-NCR/PAN India association with ARPL Namely:

  • CSSOS Officers Enclave- Aditia Realty Pvt Ltd offers affordable housing in India with CSSOS Officers Enclave for the government staff with premium quality. We carry on brokerage, construction, and consultancy business encompassing flats, lease, purchase, land, building sale, and their development.
  • CSSOS Officers Club Resort Hotel & Lounge- The Club, Hotel, Resort & Lounge by CSSOS is a highly exclusive and private property where officers can shed off their stress and spend quality time with friends, family, loved ones or even colleagues.
  • CSSOS Officers International School- CSSOS OIS offers educational & schooling help for the children of government servants. We recognize the importance of an all-round educational experience that imbibes in students the capability and desire to shape the future of every child.
  • CSSOS Officers Hospital- CSSOS Officers Hospital offers an extensive range of medical, healthcare, surgical, diagnostic and wellness programs. We have an expertise in providing quality healthcare and medical services, supported by a team of compassionate and dedicated medical professionals.

So, if you need backing business investment that can get you highest profits at minimum costs, CSS Members will help you with it. Moreover, we aim at offering highest quality services for at residence, schools, offices & hospitals at budget. With such professionalism & authenticity, we bet you cannot get such personalized & unique facilitation services anywhere else.