In a single window portal, the landowners can able to apply for developing land parcels of land pooling policy of Delhi development authority.

It can become operational for this month. So this portal for the implementation of the policy can promise to finish all processes which include receiving applications, verification, grant of approvals and licensees etc for a time-bound Manner. DDA vice chairman tarun Kapoor can be told TOI for the portal which is going to ready at very soon. The authority can provide authority likely to become operational at the end of this January.


So the Delhi Land Pooling Policy can be notified at last year by the union housing and urban affairs ministry. And it can be applied in the urbanization areas of urban extensions for 95 villages in the capital. So the policy can aim to provide an affordable housing by overcoming the cumbersome process land acquisition for development. And it can be projected to accommodate 76 lakh people.

You can do away the traditional model for land development can often to get mired for litigation by complaints of paltry compensation. So the policy can allow pooling of land by developers .so they can retain 60 % of the developed land for residential and commercial use. It can provide public facilitation can take a backseat and it can play the role of facilitator.

As a single window portal can be the only mechanism in thoroughly which contains the entire land pooling process can be carried out. So dda can be last year advised the landowners to start the aggregating land parcels .so they are ready to apply fast on the portal is up and running. As per plans has a sector in a zone which is developed under land pooling must have an area for at least 200 hectares is a lot of lands and the process can be aggregating a parcel is time-consuming as a senior dda official say.

The landowners can have two hectares can be more land can participate under the policy. So the developer entity or individual can participate is a scheme by pooling a land parcels can be covered under a sector as per zonal development plan.