Objective of this policy is to grant around 17 lakh house plus 5 lakh for EWS

The Hindu journal heads revealed on Wednesday about the initiate of an online portal for land pooling policy by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) on February 5. In between the mid and final phase of October, this policy is officially announced with the quote of offering 17 lakh houses in the Delhi alongside 5 lakh for the economically weaker section peoples. While asking about this to the senior officials they said this policy look after the urbanize areas of urban extensions in 95 villages Plus the officials reported that initially, the DDA Land Pooling Policy occurred in previous September after this occasion application for this policy gets started from the following week as well.

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Fall in the FAR

Firstly the projected head covered FAR of 400 then later by this policy it gets decreased to 200 Floor Area Ratio (FAR).

While establishing the policy FAR has been followed as such reduced and the superiors also follow the same however the inclusion of resources and service take some amount of land. At first, the DDA policy decides the urban body as facilitator and planner to look after the land transfer but it doesn’t matter at all. Under the policy, 250 to 300 hectares of land will be used for the development of the integrated sector-based planning approach after one part that is 70% of nearby land taken for the founding of the sector reported by the senior official.

In order to apply for the policy, its necessary for the landholder to have a minimum of 2 hectares of land so then will be allowed to come under the policy of offering 76 lakh houses for the people.  To reduce the complexity of the policy handling method introduction of single-window system made. This leads the things under DDA policy ease like getting applications, verification, approval for apply, license and many more. This helps a lot to manage the policy in a timely manner.

Also, DDA reveals that two-stage grievance redress mechanism implemented under DDA. Plus people-friendly rationalization and furthermore implementation of the policy also carried out. Currently, an official online site for DDA policy reached its final stage and it’s under testing phase now said by the DDA Vice-Chairman Tarun Kapoor to the Hindu.