Associate For Clubs

To carry forward the legacy of being in Government at responsible positions and to foster the brotherhood, Officers Club has been conceptualized on the lines of Gymkhana and Civil Services Officers Club (CSOI), which will be started from 2019 in select cities for those who look forward to an elite lifestyle. The Legacy of CSSOS Officers Club can be inherited and gifted to new generations.
Exiting Hotels/ Resorts with 4*/5* facilities ( Across India):
Officers Club Invites existing Hotels/ Resorts with 4*/5* facilities who want to be our franchisee with assured Lifetime Memberships/ business.
Land Owners ( Across India):
Officers Club Invites Land Owners who have 2 acre to 5 acre land For Collaboration and JV
Investors ( Across India):
Officers Club Invites investors who have minimum 1 cr for investment for minimum 3 years with 18% ROI and a free Lfetime membership and guarantee in terms of Flats in CSSOS Officers Enclave.
Channel Partners/ Associates to become City Representatives:
Officers Club Invites Marketing Companies to become City Associates across India for selling Club Memberships.
Hospitality Management Companies:
Officers Club Invites hospitality management companies to manage and operate clubs across India.
Please note following:
1. All the Documents are required before a meeting. The society will shortlist and BD manager will call the selected one for meeting in Delhi.
2. Associates have to deposit security money on the day of meeting and signing the Agreement. If unable, next applicant will be given chance.
3. The Agreement will be valid for a period of one year (further extendable mutually). However, the targets will be calculated quarterly.
4. In case of non-fulfillment of 50 % compounded target in a quarter, the Society may appoint another Associate in the list.
5. All the monitory transaction will be in the favor of “CSSOS”. Money/ cheque collected must be deposited in the bank by the name of “CSSOS” within three days of collection and MIS sent on every Friday.
6. If the money/ bank cheque found misused and not deposited within time, he will be only held responsible for losses/ action.
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