Features and types of Real Estate

Fixed assets or non-current assets are long-term tangible properties that a company owns and uses in its operations to generate income. It is expected that the fixed assets are not consumed or converted into cash within a year. Fixed assets are also known as capital, property, plant, and equipment assets. Typically, they are listed on…

Looking For a Business Investment Opportunity in India?Article

Looking For a Business Investment Opportunity in India?

You’re just at the right place. Central Secretariat Services Officers Society (CSSOS) is a non-profit welfare group that solely works towards the aim of delivering premium qualities at affordable rates. CSS Society offers small business investments with the highest profitability.   The society has been formed by working and former Government Officers after taking an NoC…

Housing Scheme in DelhiArticle

How to become a Property Dealer

The real estate business is counted among the largest businesses in the world. Real estate business i.e. the business of buying, selling, or renting real estate or land, house, shop, etc. is growing rapidly in India. And for this reason, there are countless opportunities available in this business today’s date. One of those opportunities is…


Affordable housing scheme Delhi

Franchise Business Ideas Franchising is a method of doing business based on a marketing concept that is adopted by an organization as a strategy to expand the business or an authorization given by a company to a business person or business group, which allows them to be a part of that company. Enables business activities…
Central Secretariat Services Officers Society GoalArticle

Central Secretariat Services Officers Society Goal

Central Secretariat Services Officers Society (CSSOS) is a social service organization, working to promote and facilitate the welfare of Serving and Retired Govt/ PSU/ Bank employees and their families. Society has been formed by working Govt. Officers after taking an NoC from the Deptt of Personnel & Training given CSS officers involved in the Executive…


Your Financial Independence Strategic Plan

Just as there is no absolute definition of financial independence, no one strategy will help you gain financial independence. That said, all strategic plans have some features in common. You will need to set financial objectives, choose the assets—financial and otherwise—you will need to achieve your goals, decide on the investment strategies and other tactics…


Defects of Bureaucracy

The defects of bureaucracy may be briefly summarized as follows: Circumlocution: The greatest criticism against bureaucracy is leveled due to its lengthy and roundabout way of doing work. Bureaucrats care very much for formal rules and regula­tions. However urgent the case may be, it has to run its full course of going up and down.…

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